Excellence is our word
The cost of excellence is not when it is cheaper, and even when he is the most expensive, but when the amount to be charged is fair to the project. Of course seeks to adapt to what the client requested. That most of the time is always the cheapest, but it's up to us to show why that amount, knowing how to defend our work with concrete arguments, showing where this excellence in the design presented.

In term
When it is set within the client's need, but can also be executed without delay by the contractor. Both parties tend to be committed to a successful completion of term loyalty and fortifying the ties professionals, which is a process of loyalty forged in the course of the project. We work with a strict control of hours spent for each task of each project in order to guide and provide information to the client so that it knows exactly what stage the project is located and how long will it be completed .

Quality Project
We can see the excellence in design quality when we used it spreads, technical, aesthetic, impactful (out of boredom), is when we see and say: This design is excellent, good, complete. Looking for the best and most objective way for the customer's need. In addition to complying with all requirements, the bill also would simplify and expedite the work of the client.

You are in knowledge of new technologies, more functional, that yield time, avoid rework, equipment height to streamline processes and manipulation of updated software.

In methodology
Without a methodology to our point of view none of the above can achieve excellence, are all connected to it, is with her, outlining the processes, technologies, customer wants, aesthetics, the pattern that will realized the project. And if not then surely there will be complications in the course of a project, because the methodology will be our guide from start to finish of a work to be performed.

What makes a company has excellent service?
To achieve excellence, the company must be focused on a constant quest for results, efficiency, operability, satisfaction, and signed on their values, not just the customer and the company is to have social responsibilities in the corporate environment that exceed expectations and achieve results that delight customers and even ourselves, to value the customer, have visionary leadership where to see, develop and practice purposes, goals, etc.. This same leadership should be easily accessible, ie the group is in continuous contact with the leader, expressing opinions and criticism, a place where the leader is supported by all and all are backed by the leader (the followers are a reflection of the leader ). Excellence can also be seen in the involvement and development of the group, ie make it participatory and dynamic. We also have excellence as we seek to improve techniques, methods, processes and innovate ways of working and may seek partnerships here for a perfect harmony concrete professional.

To be creative, it is not for anyone to make. Being creative is being linked with all values, is being fast is to have quality, is being in business focus, is being organized. Finally, we can take hours quoting in detail what is to be creative.

A company of excellence, wears the shirt of the customer to define their work. An example of compromise is you do a job and be better than the client expected. Give the impression, "Wow! What a site! It was too much. " This value is a very important point for excellence, because the vast majority of competition is not even a site with the "profile" of the company.

This word can have several meanings. But one important point is that you understand what customers want and adapt it to what we are capable. Using current technologies and concepts of markets, but not for beauty or for being the latest technology on the market, and yes, we know everything about her, to know to master these tools and be flexible to what the customer requires.

This is very important because it is linked to our biggest problem. Projects in which 99% are not finalized. Many have the habit of saying, is at the end but the end is the most annoying, most time-consuming. Being persistent is not giving up, not "lead with the belly" to get the ending. Must be taken very seriously, is from the persistence that is recognized for their dedication, knowledge and capacity of the individual.

This is fundamental to a company, it must always be on what the market offers again. But of course, does not mean it is new, I have to have. There are many projects that are new, but are not as good as the old ones. You should be aware of what technology is, how it works and that they serve. It is vital to the mastery of technology that the company offers its customers.

Future Vision
This view serves both for us and what we can offer our clients. This is connected with the mission. This value must be followed, as quoted incessantly. The excellence of this value can be seen when we see the opportunity that might not generate immediate returns that in the future will benefit in various areas for the company and accept without hesitation.

What we want is to be recognized in a reliable company with quality and "different" from others. The company's position should be professional in all aspects, from meeting until the completion of the project. To be ethical, to follow the rules and regulations. This is a role that the customer feels the difference in work, in attendance. Sees that there is only one. But a company committed to providing the best for your company.

Getting excellence?
Analyzing and discussing what was ordered and arrived at a consensus that the items are linked to our values. This to be achieved should be within the methodology. Like a mass production, but flexible. To meet the cost, time and quality should have a methodology and work with the best technology. Today we have the technology. But the methodology is that the heart must be very detailed and organized. Not far away, because the production work is very flexible, but must have standards. These patterns of communication and work, each sector should adopt his.

We obtain excellence in cost by focusing on what is best for the customer / company, showing differential, which fully justified and not denied any of the justifications for the proper value, is able to defend the project through its cost and its gain. Even having in mind that the customer will want something for free, or type: "Since this is going to do with you forever" does not advocate a lawyer the first time for free and then starts to charge, but of course all be treated with delicacy.

With a record of all information, objectives and requirements of the project, dividing it into stages and, thus, setting deadlines for each real one, always mindful of the treaty commitment with the client, respecting it strictly, following the methodology of excellence .

Project Quality
Here is where we need to demonstrate excellence in everything as it is here that we will defend our arguments and justify the price and term previously spoken. You can achieve excellence in not only meeting the customer expectation, but the beating, with visual aesthetics, practicality, functionality and competence. Adding value and critical technologies for an excellent project, to finish where there is a recognition that it was an excellent job. It is aware of the process that is already used, and to identify ways how it can be improved without losing the focus and main objectives of the functions that the customer needs.

We can achieve excellence in technology, absorbing new technology skills, information, software updates, languages, forms and processes of creation, development and presentation of the project, which is largely delight the customer by aggregating the quality of the project.

We achieve excellence in the methodology, when all the same steps are strictly followed and implemented successfully, with communication between staff to exchange information and technical data. You do not get the excellence of the methodology, to let go blank, key information contained therein. It is necessary to achieve excellence in the other items we follow closely the methodology to us, so it will be expanded for future franchises, representations, and of course there will be a very high recognition in the eyes of the professional market. Make it unique will make it great. For this we adopt the concepts and techniques that today is widely used not only in web environments but in any project to be developed

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