RASJ Internet
Development of sites to help your business grow and stand out from the internet. Update sites to put new technology and better quality in your site. Increase the chances of your business with our e-commerce projects. Web consultancy to bring the very best and the lowest cost to their company.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of strategies aiming to enhance and improve the positioning a site in the results pages, natural (organic) in search engines, can be optimized a page (or even the whole site) to be better understood by search engines.

Extranet and Intranet
RASJ Intranet Extranet
Intranet and extranet projects, bring your company the ability to communicate with your customer, market, vendor, employee, etc. in a direct and simple, low cost and high efficiency.
RASJ Infrastructure
Managed services infrastructure that we offer allows you to respond effectively to changing demand, both as a competitive market, expanding product lines and services, customer service, the regulatory requests.

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